Who We Are

Oreana Communications is the dream-come-to-life of a public relations executive who saw the need for an agency that was willing to do things a little different. Our name, which is a synonym for maverick, means just that - we are independent, unconventional and maybe a little unusual. "The way we've always done it" is a phrase that doesn't exist at Oreana Communications because our team is going to push the creative boundaries and find the best, even if unorthodox, way to do things.

What We Do

Oreana Communications believes in looking at the big picture and then helping you find the right way to reach your goals. That means doing more than just public relations or advertising. We are a complete communications agency that specializes in agricultural businesses, non-profit organizations and thinking way outside the box. Boxes can be limiting, especially when you're trying to be agile and efficient.